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Tuition and Fees

The fee schedule for Ability Development Music Academy (ADMA) in El Paso, Texas is divided into three categories. They are mandatory fees, optional fees, and other fees.

Mandatory fees are those that are required to be paid if your child is registered as a student of ADMA. Optional fees are those fees that are paid if you choose to enroll your child in optional programs that this school offers. Other fees are those fees related to check charges, late fees, etc.

Mandatory Fees


Monthly Fee is $90 year-round: After 12 months of enrollment July becomes free henceforth.


  • $110/Year – BOOK ONE or Below/Year, Due Every May
  • $120/Year – BOOK TWO or Above/Year, Due Every May
  • $60/Year – Second or Third Student of Same Parents, or Second Instrument, Also Due Every May
Prorated registration fees for students who begin lessons between October and April:
  • Students registering for the first time from May to September will pay a full registration the following May.
  • Students registering for the first time in October to November will pay ¾ of the registration fee the following May.
  • Students registering for the first time in December to February will pay half of the registration fee in May.
  • Students registering for the first time in March to April will pay ¼ of the registration fee the following May.
  • After the first year, registration fees are as listed above in Mandatory fees.

Optional Fees

National Guild Associations: Fees are noted in the academy’s newsletters each year.

Other Fees

  • Monthly fees are due by the fourth of each month. The late payment fee after the fourth of the month is $10.
  • Returned check fee is $25 per occurrence plus cash payments for three months including month of returned check.
  • Monthly tuition remains the same every month as set above. Monthly fee is based on a 40-week year (40 private + four-group classes). It is not based on the amount of lessons per month. There are no refunds for missed classes.

Important Reminders

  • Payments can be made in cash, check, online options, or money order payable to LYDIA BOURESLAN.

  • Checks returned by the bank due to insufficient funds will be assessed a returned check fee of $25. The delinquent check will be returned to the payer when the payment for insufficient funds and the returned check fee have been paid in cash.
*Summer months include June, July, and August.
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